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subscribe monthly eyewear and sunglass package from adasat.com dubai and uae

Subscribe and Save Big on Eyewear, Sunglasses and Contact lenses in the UAE on Adasat.com

Nobody likes to miss out on an exciting offer while shopping online. If you are trying to save on your regular contact lens and eyewear purchases in the UAE, Adasat Subscription is a great way to boost your overall savings. With Adasat Subscription, you can avoid the fluctuating costs that are the norm with online purchases. 

Here’s Why You Should Choose Adasat Subscription Over Other Online Sellers 

No Price Increases 

Adasat Subscription is unlike any other online subscription plan! With Adasat, you don’t have to worry about your product increasing in price and wiping out your potential savings. Once you start your subscription plan, the price for your subscribed product will be locked in for 6 months. 

No Out of Stock Issues

There is nothing more disappointing than getting a notification that the product you subscribed for weeks or months in advance is no longer available due to unavailability of stock. With Adasat Subscription, we guarantee that your product will always be in stock so that you can receive your weekly or monthly subscriptions on time! 

Automated Orders

The most obvious benefit of Adasat Subscription is the convenience of having your eyewear products delivered to you without the need for re-ordering them every few weeks. Get your contact lenses or sunglasses delivered to you on a weekly, monthly or customized schedule anywhere in the UAE! 

Explore Our Most Popular Adasat Subscription Plans 

Weekly Contact Lens Subscriptions 

Weekly Contact Lens subscriptions are popular amongst our customers who like to have their daily disposable contact lenses and weekly contact lenses delivered to them on a regular basis. With this service, you don’t have to keep reordering your essential products again and again. 

Monthly Contact Lens Subscriptions

Monthly contact lens subscriptions are extremely popular among our customers in the UAE and KSA. This service makes it easy for you to get your monthly shipping of contacts and eyewear for the whole family in one convenient monthly delivery! Order your monthly contact lenses in the UAE from Adasat! 

Monthly Sunglass Subscriptions 

Monthly subscriptions on Sunglasses are also a popular choice among our customers in the Middle-East. Beat the heat and protect your delicate eyes from the Sun in an exciting new pair of sunglasses every month! 

How to Subscribe to Adasat Eyewear Subscription Service

Step 1 : Find Your Product

Navigate to the product of your choice on adasat.com. 

Step 2 : Sign up for Adasat Subscription

Once you are on the product page, you will see an option to Subscribe & Lock Price. Select this option and proceed to payment as usual. If you want to customize your subscription, message us on WhatsApp at +971 56 941 1942 or call us on (04) 557 4379. We will help you set up your unique subscription plan. 

adasat subscription in website

Step 3 : Enjoy Your Order! 

Now that your Adasat Subscription plan is set up, you can enjoy your favorite contact lenses, sunglasses, eyewear and accessories for weeks or months to come!


Sign up for a Subscription with Adasat to Avoid Price Increases

Enjoy high quality products from renowned brands like Acuvue, Biofinity, Ran Ban, Gucci and more with no price increases in your first 6 months! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does Adasat Subscription Work? 

Adasat Subscription is an easy weekly or monthly subscription plan for your favorite brands of contact lenses, sunglasses and eyeglasses. Once you set up your subscription plan, you can expect to receive regular shipments of your products as per your subscription schedule. 

How can I sign up for Adasat Subscription? 

To sign up for Adasat Subscription, simply find the product of your choice and select the option to Subscribe & Lock Price. Once selected, proceed to payment as usual. If you want to customize your subscription, message us on WhatsApp at +971 56 941 1942 or call us on (04) 557 4379. We will help you set up your unique subscription plan. 

Is it easy to set up an Adasat Subscription plan? 

Yes, it is very easy to set up your Adasat Subscription plan. It's as easy as clicking on the Subscribe & Lock Price button while adding your product to your cart! 

What are the perks of getting an Adasat Subscription?

An Adasat Subscription allows you to enjoy convenient regular delivery, guaranteed stock availability and fixed prices for 6 months! No other online subscription plan for eyewear products and accessories offers such an amazing deal! 

Can I customize my subscription?

Yes, you can either pick the weekly or monthly subscription option or tailor your subscription plan according to your specific needs. We are always happy to cater to the needs of our valued customers. Message us on WhatsApp at +971 56 941 1942 or call us on (04) 557 4379 and we will be happy to customize your subscription for you.