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The 3 Best Contact Lens Solutions

The 3 Best Contact Lens Solutions

Eye health is a top priority. If you're a contact lens wearer, you can appreciate the importance of keeping them clean and debris-free. That's why choosing a contact solution is a major decision and requires considerable thought. After all, contact solution plays an important role in your lens wear experience.

Contact solution contains elements that effectively remove any buildup that has formed on the lenses without scratching them. It also conditions the lenses so that they are moist and wet on the surface of your eyes. Lenses can safely be stored in contact solution when not in use, where they will be kept sterile and hydrated.

Types of Contact Lens Solutions

Multi-purpose solutions:

This is the best option for looking after your lenses. You get cleaning, disinfecting, hydrating and replenishing functions all in one bottle. This streamlines your routine, making comfort and hygiene a lot easier to achieve.
When you remove your lenses at the end of the day, just put a few drops of this solution on your lenses and rub them gently. Then, pour some of the same solution into your contact lens case so you can store them for as long as your optician has recommended.
A multi-purpose solution is recommended for soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel contact lenses for both monthlies and weeklies. It's not recommended for RGP lenses as they require other cleaning routines.

Hydrogen peroxide solutions:

Hydrogen peroxide cleaning systems for contact lenses have a stronger disinfecting power. Unlike other types of solutions, peroxides don't include preservatives, which makes them a great option for those with very sensitive eyes.
Peroxide solutions can only be used with the advice of your optician as they usually include around 3% of hydrogen peroxide and require neutralizing. 
Neutralizing happens either with a catalyst disk located in the bottom of the case itself or with tablets that are added to the solution. When added to the solution, these elements trigger the reaction that removes proteins from your lenses and neutralizes the hydrogen peroxide.
Note: If the peroxide is not neutralized for a certain amount of time (usually for 6 hours), the solution could seriously damage your eyes.

Gas permeable contact lens solutions:

As the name suggests, these solutions are specifically designed for gas permeable (or RGP) contact lenses. RGP lenses require a different maintenance routine, mostly consisting of two products: a cleanser and a conditioner. These solutions are usually sold in packs with everything you need.

Top 3 Contact Lens Solutions

Here are the 3 best contact lens solutions in the market:

    1. Opti Free Pure Moist Solution

      Opti Free Pure Moist is a multi-purpose contact lens solution for all soft lenses including silicone-hydrogel. The solution draws on two different disinfectants to rid contact lenses of microorganisms that could potentially cause infection.
      The contact solution also comes equipped with HydraGlide Moisture Matrix - a system that envelops contact lenses in a cushion of moisture. This leaves lenses feeling comfortable for up to 16 hours while also creating a protective barrier that helps keep debris from getting in.
    2. CooperVision All In One Light Solution

      CooperVision All In One Light is a multi-purpose solution suitable for all lens types. Specially formulated for patients with sensitive eyes. This solution contains a lubricant to help prevent your contact lenses from drying out during the day.
      CooperVision’s Multi-Purpose Solution cleans, conditions, rinses, and disinfects contact lenses while storing them. The solution combats protein and lipid buildup. After just six hours in CooperVision’s Multi-Purpose Solution, you can expect your lenses to be clean and ready to wear.
    3. Renu Multiplus

      ReNu’s Bausch & Lomb Lens Solution is a multi-purpose contact lens solution that's suitable for soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel.
      In addition to storing contact lenses, ReNu’s Bausch & Lomb Lens Solution promises to clean, condition, rinse and disinfect. It cleans lenses by dissolving denatured proteins. This solution is a perfect choice for sensitive and dry eyes.

Compatibility of Contact Lens Solutions

Different contact lenses are compatible with different contact lens solutions. You may want to talk to your eye doctor to ensure your contact lens solution meets your individual needs.
There are countless multi-purpose solutions in the market that are suitable for most contact lens wearers. However, what works for somebody is not necessarily going to work for someone else. Two requirements should always be kept in mind while choosing a contact lens solution: maximum humidification and sufficient disinfection.

To Sum Up

Cleanliness is an important aspect of proper contact lens care and handling of your contact lenses. Use the lens care system recommended by your eye care professional and carefully follow instructions on solution labeling.
Regular check-up examinations by your eye care professional is also a very important part of wearing contact lenses safely. We recommended that you follow your eye care professional's directions for follow-up examinations.