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What is Contact Lens Solution

What is Contact Lens Solution?

Contact lens solution disinfects and preserves your contact lenses using a unique cocktail of ingredients. Since contact lenses are in direct contact with your cornea throughout the day, they need to be disinfected to prevent infections or irritation that can be caused by the build-up of germs, debris or protein. 

Cleaning with contact lens solution is necessary when you use extended wear contacts and is an essential part of proper lens care. This article will equip you with all that you need to know in order to use your contact solution effectively and thereby avoid damage to your eyes. 

What is it?

Contact Lens Solution is a multipurpose solution that performs a number of essential roles in everyday lens care. It is used to disinfect contact lenses by getting rid of debris and bacteria that collect on them throughout the day and also act as a preserving and wetting agent. Using a contact solution is crucial for  maintaining lens performance that will in turn allow you to enjoy clear and comfortable vision.  

What is Contact Lens Solution Made Of? 

Contact lens solution is composed of disinfectants, surfactants, wetting agents and preservatives that are hypoallergenic and have low toxicity in humans. These components have the following uses:

Surfactants: Surfactants help to wash away dirt and debris from the surface of the lens. 

Wetting Agents: Wetting agents maintain lens hydration and act as a lubricant between the lens and the cornea

Preservatives: Preservatives help to maintain the quality of the lens solution after being opened. 

Disinfectants: Disinfectants help to destroy all microorganisms that may be on the lens.

Types of Contact Lens Solution

The main function of contact solution is to disinfect, hydrate and act as a medium for storage of the lenses. There are a few different types of lens solutions available for purchase that offer these above-mentioned benefits. Here are two of the most popular ones:

Multi-Purpose Solutions

These solutions fulfil all of essential functions including disinfection, hydration and also act as the perfect storage medium. They are a popular choice amongst lens users thanks to the convenient all-in-one formula. 

Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions

Hydrogen Peroxide is used for its strong disinfecting power and it performs the functions of disinfection and hydration while also acting as a suitable medium for storage. However, due to its strong nature, lenses that have been cleaned with this solution need to be neutralised using an appropriate neutraliser before being inserted.  

How to use Contact Lens Solution

As mentioned above, contact lens solution is a crucial component in your lens care routine. Before attempting to clean your contacts, ensure that your hands have been cleaned and washed thoroughly. 

Step 1: Fill the lens case with solution

Ensure that you rinse and fill the storage case with the contact lens solution prior to removing the contacts from your eyes. Do not rinse your lens case with water.

Step 2: Clean the lenses one by one

Place the lens in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of contact solution and use a single finger from your other hand to gently rub the lens. 

Step 3: Rinse the lens 

Rinse the lens again with the solution and place it in the case filled with the contact solution and close the lid. 

What are the Risks of not using Contact Lens Solution?

The purpose of using contact lens solution for reusable lenses is to clean, disinfect and store them safely to ensure that they can be reused comfortably. If you don’t clean, rinse and store your lenses in contact solution after every use, bacteria and debris can accumulate on the lens surface and cause damage and discomfort.   

What to Look for when Purchasing Contact Lens Solution?

When shopping for a contact lens solution, there are a number of factors that you need to take into account. Firstly, identify the type of lens. Soft lenses like hydrogel lenses and silicone hydrogel lenses require different maintenance than RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses. 

Once you have identified the type of lenses you own, you can look into the type of contact solution you would like to purchase, like a multipurpose solution or a hydrogen peroxide based solution. 

Multipurpose solutions are the most popular ones for soft contact lenses like hydrogel lenses and silicone hydrogel lenses. You will find a list of contact lens solutions that we recommend down below. 

Top Contact Lens Solutions Available in Dubai 

Opti Free Pure Moist Solution : Best Multipurpose Lens Solutions:


Opti Free Pure Moist Solution

This is our top recommendation for a multipurpose solution that performs all the key functions including cleaning, disinfection and hydration in one effective formula. 

Opti-Free Puremoist features effective disinfectants and adds high levels of moisture to your lenses. This solution is a true multipurpose superstar and offers comfortable wear throughout the day.

Amara Contact Lens Solution 



This is another standout multipurpose solution that performs all the key functions of a lens solution including cleansing, disinfection, storage and hydration. 

We recommend this solution for those who are looking for a convenient contacts solution that makes the regular upkeep of contact lenses a breeze. 

Adasat Lens Solution by Fashion Care


Adasat Lens Solution by Fashion Care

This is our very own contact lens solution that offers cleansing, disinfecting and hydrating qualities. A good option if you are looking for a reliable lens solution that will get rid of buildup and protect your lenses. 


Bio True Solution : Best hydrating Lens Solution:


Bio True Solution 60ml

We picked the Bio True Contact Lens Solution as the top hydrating lens solution for its use of hyaluronan, a moisturising ingredient that offers all day comfort. 

This solution is also pH balanced to match the pH of healthy tears, making it a gentle hydrating solution that also reliably prevents the buildup of proteins, germs and debris. 

Cooper Vision All in One Light Contact Lens Solution : Best Lens Solutions for Sensitive Eyes: 


CooperVision All in One Light Contact Lens Solution (100mL)

We recommend the CooperVision All in One Light Contact Lens Solution f0r those with sensitive eyes. What makes this product stand out from others is its gentle formula that is ideal for those who are prone to allergies or irritation. 

This is also a great lens solution for those who are suffering from dry eyes and eye strain. 

Renu Multiplus Contact Lens Solution


Renu Multiplus 120ml

This contact lens solution cleans, disinfects and rinses with the help of a formula that is suitable for sensitive eyes. We recommend this product for those who are looking for enhanced comfort all day long.

Meni Care Plus RGP : Best solution for Hard lenses:


Meni Care Plus RGP (hard lens) Solution (250ml)

It can be hard to get used to hard lenses but this solution makes the process much smoother. We recommend this product for its effective disinfecting power and non-toxic ingredients. 


How can I make contact lens solution at home?

Contact lens solutions need to be formulated by professionals in laboratories where the solutions can be tested for efficacy and safety. For this reason, we do not recommend attempting to create your own solutions at home. 

How can I clean contact lenses without a lens solution?

Cleaning without a lens solution is not advisable. If you are looking for alternatives, hydrogen peroxide is a good option for disinfection and storage. Please keep in mind that you will have to neutralise the hydrogen peroxide with a neutralizer before you place the contacts in your eyes to avoid irritation.

Can I use eye drops as a contact lens solution?

No, eye drops don’t provide adequate disinfection that is required to keep your lenses clean and safe for reuse. 

Is contact lens solution the same as saline?

Saline solution and contact lens solution are not the same thing. While saline solution can be used as a rinse after cleaning with contact solution, it is not effective enough to be used on its own as it does not have disinfecting properties. 

Can I put contact lens solution in my eye?

No, you cannot use contact lens solution in your eyes or use it in the place of eye drops. This is because contact lens solutions contain disinfectants that can be harsh on the eyes. 

Does contact lens solution expire?

Yes, contact lens solutions do expire. Please check the expiration date stamped on the box itself. 

Is contact lens solution safe?

Yes, contact lens solutions are formulated with safe concentrations of active ingredients to be non-toxic to users. They are not only safe, but also highly effective at cleaning and preserving your contact lenses.