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Top 5 Colored Contact Lenses

Top 5 Colored Contact Lenses

Our eyes have the biggest significance to our appearance, even though they only take up a small part of our body. Colored contact lenses can be used to enhance your look, make your eyes stand out beautifully, and give you more self-confidence.

With a wide range of colors to choose from, you can have the eye color you want, anytime you want it. Read on to find out more about colored contact lenses, how to choose the right color for you, and the best brands in the market.

Colored Contacts Are the Same as Regular Ones

Colored contact lenses are basically regular lenses that have been dyed with biologically compatible dyes in order to make the surrounding portion of the lens opaque while the center remains transparent so the wearer can see.
Even if your eyesight is fine and your colored contacts have zero power, you still need to get them from an eye care practitioner because all contact lenses, whether they are regular or colored, are medical devices that can potentially harm your eyes if used incorrectly.
The only way to know for sure if you are a candidate for contact lenses is by seeing an eye doctor. This way, you will know if you need visual correction or not and can be properly prescribed with the right prescription.

Types of Colored Contact Lenses

There are 3 types of colored contact lenses - each offering a slightly different benefit:
    1. Lenses With Visibility Tint

      Contacts with a visibility tint will not change the color of your eyes. This is simply a clever feature that makes your contact lenses easier to see. Visibility tints are usually pale green or blue. If you’ve ever dropped your contact lenses, you’ll understand how useful this feature is.
      Some visibility tints are only applied to one side of the contact, so you can see which is the inside and which is the outside of the lens. This is particularly useful if you’re a new user and struggle to put in your contact lenses.
      Contacts with a visibility tint are suitable for any eye color because once the lenses are in the eye, the tint isn’t visible.
    2. Lenses With Enhancement Tint

      Enhancement tinted lenses are on the subtle end of the colored contact scale. These won’t exactly change the natural color of your eyes, but they’ll intensify it.
      The iris of your eye is not a solid block of color. It’s made up of flecks of color in different shades. Enhancement tints mimic your eyes’ natural details.
    3. Lenses With Color Tint

      Any lens that transforms your eyes from one color to another is a color-tinted contact lens. These are opaque and completely cover your natural irises.
      As a result, green-eyed people can get blue eyes for a day, and vice versa. It’s challenging to make darker eyes lighter, but some lenses are opaque enough to make brown eyes a sparkling blue or green.

Caring for Colored Contact Lenses

Just like regular ones, colored contact lenses need to be cared for in order to avoid complications and eye infections. The risk comes from poor contact lens hygiene and failure in following safety guidelines.
Here is a guide that will help you understand the Dos and Don'ts of contact lenses for a safer and more comfortable experience.

Top 5 Colored Contact Lenses

From a variety of brands, we’ve put together our best-colored contact lenses and explained why they are so popular. Here are the top 5 colored contact lenses:

  1. ColorVision
  2. Amara
  3. Bella
  4. FreshLook
  5. Celéna

  1. ColorVision

    ColorVision is a premium cosmetic contact lens conceived to cater to the high-end market in colored contact lenses with premium quality, style, and comfort in mind. Choose from 6 brilliant colors: Gray, Hazel, Blue, Green, Dark Gray, and Blue Gray.
    ColorVision has one of the highest water content among colored lenses. They are available in plus (+) or minus (-) prescription powers as well as no power (0).
    You can now enjoy colored contact lenses in great vision on any side of the prescription power spectrum.

  2. Amara

    Amara lenses are one of the most popular brands in the Arab region. These lenses are available in 20 different colors! Perfect for everyday color and suits all skin tones.
    Amara lens uses a technology that approaches a high percentage of water on the outer surface of the lens to provide a cushion of moisture to the eye.

  3. Bella

    Bella colored contact lenses are the best fashion accessory to help your eyes look glamorously stunning. Its superior quality combines fashion and comfort.
    With a wide range to choose from, Bella lenses help you transform into a new you. Whether you like to be soft, classic, or even bold and daring.

  4. FreshLook

    FreshLook colored contact lenses provide both daily and monthly contact options. Whether you’re after a subtle eye color update or wanting to turn heads with a more dramatic change, you can achieve your desired look with these exceptional contact lenses.
    Made with a 55% water content, these lenses hydrate your eyes over the course of the day. FreshLook prevents the onset of dry eyes and keeps them moist all day long. As a result, a clear and comfortable vision is delivered from the start of the day to the end of it.

  5. Celéna

    Be sure of the highest quality from your colored contacts when you wear Celéna lenses. They deliver unparalleled performance, freshness, and comfort that doesn’t change throughout the day.
    Using the newest manufacturing technologies out there, Célena provides a wide array of colors and designs, all while offering the utmost comfort for an unbeatable beauty experience.

Choose the Right Colored Contact Lenses

The best-colored contact lenses are the ones you prefer the most! We recommend experimenting to find the lenses that work best for you. Try contacts that change the color of your eyes by a few shades at first to see how you like the effect. If you want to go bolder, choose ones in a color that clashes with your natural hue. Make your blue eyes brown or turn those brown eyes green.

As a Final Point

It’s difficult to visualize how colored contact lenses transform your appearance without seeing them in action. 
Visit your eye care professional for a contact lens exam and fitting first, then try a pair of sample lenses. Experiment with different colors and tint types until you find the perfect color-enhancing contact lenses for you.