Why Are My Contacts Blurry? How to Fix 5 Common Contact Lens Problems

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Why Are My Contacts lenses Blurry

Blurriness while wearing contact lenses can be frustrating but knowing how to prevent this condition will help you improve your vision and protect your eyes from damage and infections. 

If you experience blurriness while your lenses are in your eyes, this could be the result of defects with your lenses, undiagnosed eye problems or due to some other factor that is preventing the lenses from functioning properly. Read our article on wearing contact lenses for the first time to learn about the proper way to insert, remove, clean and store your contacts. By ensuring proper lens care, you can decrease the chances of problems like blurry vision and eye infections. 

Reasons Why Your Experience Blurry Vision with Contact Lenses

An Outdated Prescription 

Your vision changes as you age and the contact lens prescription you obtained a couple of years ago might not be right for you today and wearing the same prescription could result in blurry vision. Make sure to get an eye exam and an updated prescription at least once a year. If you are confused about all those abbreviations on your contact lens prescription, check out our article on the topic to learn how to read your prescription

Dirt and Debris on the Lenses

Dirt, debris and deposits on your lenses can also contribute to blurry vision. By cleaning your contacts regularly with contact lens solution and storing them in a lens case filled with lens solution, you can get rid of any deposits and bacteria, allowing you to enjoy clear vision and reduce the risk of eye infections at the same time. Learn how to clean your lenses with lens solution by reading our article on contact lens solutions

Dried Out Lenses or Dry Eyes

Dry lenses or dry eyes can also cause blurry vision. When not in use, always clean and store your contacts in a lens solution. If you have dry eyes, try using eye drops to lubricate your eyes and wait at least 15 minutes before inserting your contact lenses. Check out our selection of eye drops and contact lens solutions on

Contact Lenses that Don’t Fit 

Ill-fitting contact lenses can also cause blurriness. Make sure that the base curve and diameter of your contacts match the dimensions prescribed by your eye doctor or optometrist. If you have Astigmatism, make sure that you are wearing toric lenses meant for astigmatism


Allergies can sometimes cause your eyes to water excessively and this can affect the placement of the lenses on your eyes and result in blurry vision. If you use allergy drops for your eyes, ensure that you wait at least 15 minutes before inserting your contacts into your eyes. 

Eye Infections 

Eye infections and other eye conditions can also cause blurry vision in addition to other symptoms. If you face any irritation or discomfort, remove your lenses immediately and contact your eye doctor. Wearing lenses that are damaged and dirty and sleeping in your lenses can also increase the chances of eye infections. Read our article on the do’s and don’ts of contact lens usage to learn how to care for your lenses. 

Lenses that Shift Out of Place 

If you have astigmatism, you might find that contact lenses don’t always stay in place on your eyes. Toric lenses meant for astigmatism are specially designed with stability features to stay in place on your eyes. Always ensure that you are wearing the right lenses to avoid problems like blurry vision. 

Is it Ever Normal to Have Blurry Vision While Wearing Contact Lenses? 

Is it Ever Normal to Have Blurry Vision While Wearing Contact Lenses

When you first start wearing contact lenses, it is not uncommon to experience blurry vision and a range of other symptoms. This issue resolves itself after a few days of wearing your lenses. If it persists, immediately contact your eye care professional. If you are curious about other common symptoms that can arise among new lens wearers, read our article on getting used to your contact lenses

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