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Eye Makeup Safety

21 Best Eye Makeup Safety Tips (For a Successful Contact Lens Wear)

Eye makeup is considered to be one of the most common sources of problems for contact lens wearers. However, it does not mean that you have to stop wearing eye makeup completely in order to see clearly.

There are safety measures for choosing, applying, and wearing cosmetics when you have contact lenses. These measures will help protect your eyes and provide for long-term, problem-free contact lens wear.

Avoid Eye Problems Associated With Eye Makeup

Before we leap into the ways to avoid eye problems associated with eye makeup, let’s take a look at the issues that come from wearing it.

  • Scratched Cornea: One of the most serious injuries that can be caused by eye makeup is damage to your cornea. It is possible to scratch your cornea while applying makeup with your mascara applicator or eyeliner. If damage does occur, it could lead to a corneal abrasion, which could become seriously infected.
  • Conjunctivitis: The most common eye problem associated with eye makeup is conjunctivitis or pink eye. Although most makeup contains preservatives that prevent bacteria from forming, it’s still possible to have bacteria grow on your makeup. This could happen if it’s expired or not properly concealed.
  • Allergic Reactions: Oftentimes, an allergic reaction to a specific type of eye makeup could cause redness, irritation, eye swelling, or infection. It’s important to check the makeup label before you buy it and if you come across an allergic reaction make sure you look for a different product.

Don’t panic, these are the worst-case scenarios and only a few people have been affected by these due to bad makeup application while wearing lenses.
There are other ways to rock eye makeup while still protecting your eyes from potential eye problems.

Top 21 Eye Makeup Safety Tips

Here is a list of 21 tips and safety practices that can lead to a more successful contact lens wear experience.

  1. The first, and the most obvious tip is to wash your hands thoroughly before putting your contacts in. Make sure your lenses are stored in a clean lens case with the right lens solution.
  2. Avoid Kohl: Kohl, also known as al-Kahl, kajal, or Surma, is used in some parts of the world to enhance the appearance of the eyes. Kohl consists of salts of heavy metals, so using it with lenses will make the small molecules stick to your lenses and cause irritation and eye infections.
  3. Avoid using products that are oily, contain fragrance, dyes, hand lotions, or anything that will adhere to lenses prior to putting them in.
  4. Put your contact lenses in before applying cosmetics to avoid getting any makeup residue on your lenses. If you do get makeup on your contacts, rinse them thoroughly. Consider daily disposable lenses if you can’t handle a specific lens care routine.
  5. Use only water-based mascara and eye makeup remover labelled as hypoallergenic or for sensitive eyes. Avoid waterproof mascara as it contains mineral spirits and petroleum distillates, which are irritating materials.
  6. Apply mascara only to the tips of your eyelashes and never use mascara as eyeliner. This will prevent your eye makeup from flaking off into your eyes.
  7. Never apply eyeliner to the inner eyelid margins as it can cause pore blockage. Soft crayon-type pencil liners are less apt to cause flaking than liquids.
  8. Avoid fallout with Cream Shadows and Primer.
  9. Choose cream eyeshadows because they do not create particle fallout like powdered shadows.
  10. If you prefer powder, keep your eyes closed during application. Then, brush off any excess powder before opening your eyes.
  11. Carefully select makeup remover. A water-based product will help avoid the accumulation of grease around the eyes.
  12. Close eye makeup containers between uses and discard opened containers after three months.
  13. Remove your contact lenses before removing your makeup.
  14. Keep false eyelash glue, nail polish, nail polish remover, perfume, and cologne away from contacts. They can damage the lenses.
  15. Don't borrow or lend your cosmetics to others.
  16. Use lens solution and contact lenses for dry eyes to guarantee your eye comfort during the process.
  17. Wash all makeup brushes often.
  18. Never apply eye makeup while in motion or while driving.
  19. Avoid hair sprays and spray deodorant as the mist may go into your eyes. If you do use these products, remember that the mist lingers in the air so keep your eyes protected for a short period of time afterwards, or use them before inserting your contact lenses.
  20. Don't apply cosmetics if your eyes are red, swollen, or infected. Talk with your ophthalmologist or optometrist if symptoms continue.
  21. If you are having a bad reaction to any eye makeup, remove the makeup and contact your eye doctor immediately.

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Stay Healthy, Safe, and Beautiful

By following these simple tips, you are more likely going to avoid eye problems related to eye makeup. Take the right precautions when it comes to your eye makeup and keep your eyes healthy while still looking beautiful.
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